Day 1718 | A Wedding


Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days, but we’ve been *a bit* busy.

Weddings are the best. And the one yesterday between my brother and his bride definitely lived up to my [high] expectations. The ceremony was perfect (I laughed. I cried—a lot. I loved every second of it.)! And the reception afterwards was just so much fun (and the food, the dancing, and the cocktails, were spot on). These two really do know how to throw a good party.

MY TOP FIVE MOMENTS OF THE DAY (in no particular order):

  1. Listening to my brother’s vows. I loved hearing him confess his undying love for this woman.

  2. Rocking out to my nieces’ and sister inlaw’s performance of Seasons of Love. I’ll post a video if I ever get one. It was beyond incredible.

  3. Seeing the boys all dressed up. Nothing cuter than little boys in bow ties.

  4. The pampering. It turns out having your make up done and hair fancied-up is really lovely. I’m thinking about doing it every weekend now.

  5. The family and friend time. What’s better than being in a room with a ton of your favorite people, you know?

With all of these amazing takeaways, can you believe I have practically zero photos?!? I’m so annoyed with myself. I did snap this selfie with me and the boys, though. That’s something! Hopefully more to come as others share some of theirs.

I’m beyond happy to welcome my new sister in law into our family. And I’m beyond grateful to have been asked to be a part of her bridal party. I felt so honored to be standing by her side.

Congrats again, Matt and Marisa!

Day 1714 | A Summer Bucket List Day


We’re a bit behind on this year’s summer bucket list. With a quiet Saturday on the docket, we decided to knock a few of the items off the list. Mini golfing: check! A bike ride through the sculpture tour: check! Homemade ice cream (in a bag…who knew?): check!


  • Go fishing — done!

  • Go mini golfing — done!

  • Go swimming — done!

  • Catch frogs — done!

  • Look for new animals

  • Playdate with Malcolm — done!

  • Attend a baseball game — done!

  • Go bowling

  • Make a movie

  • Make homemade ice cream — done!

  • Lots of playdates with Edwin — done!

  • A Fairfax Pool trip — done!

  • Go camping

  • Bike to get ice cream — done!

  • Go to a family wedding — next week!

  • Attend Chalkfest — done!

  • Sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s — done!

  • Attend Harry Potter’s Birthday at the public library — done!

  • Go tubing down the river by our house

  • Walk/bike the sculpture tour — done!

  • Attend a summer concert (at least one)

  • Practice stand up paddle boarding

  • Read three new chapter books — done!

  • Take a Mississippi River day trip

  • Visit the Upper Peninsula

  • Go strawberry picking — done!

  • Go blueberry picking — done!

Day 1713 | Swim Lessons


In March, I signed the boys up for two back-to-back sessions of swim lessons. That’s four weeks of Monday-Thursday lessons. No joke if you know me and my fear of over-scheduling my [our] life. Swim lessons seemed like a necessity, though, so I bit the bullet and signed four weeks of our summer away.

It turned out to be the right choice—no question! Chase’s transformation has been incredible to say the least. He’s jumping off the diving board into the deep end with no floaty and no hesitation. He’s working on all the strokes and learning to dive. I think he might have surpassed my swimming abilities at this point! And both boys are really enjoying the time in the pool. There has been no complaining at all. Can you believe it? Me neither.

Day 1706 | Soccer Update


It’s our last week of soccer. We’ve been spending Monday and Wednesday evenings at the soccer fields since early June. I have to say, it’s gone better than I expected. The boys seem to really enjoy it (and only complain when it’s crazy hot…can’t blame them for that). It’s nice to force ourselves outside for that time—no matter the weather. And I like watching the boys learn new skills (shocking, I know). We might have some little athletes on our hands after all!

Day 1700 | 1700!


Here we go. Somehow another 100 day has flown by. A team update is in order…whether I have the time to reflect on what’s happening with these little guys or not. Enjoy!


FAVORITES: Dried mangos (still), reading (I've managed to squeeze in a couple of my own books lately), summer bike trips, lazy mornings, wedding talk/prepping/festivities with my brother and future SIL, mowing the lawn (if only it didn't mean putting everything else off for 1.5 hours), [finally] finishing up some projects around the house
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Figuring out how to balance more work while the boys are still at home.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Getting summer to slow down a little.


FAVORITES: Learning to play Mindcraft to placate the boys, his new slip-on shoes, spending time with his brothers, family bike rides (he even got a real tune-up for his bike this year), an afternoon cocktail
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Going to bed early enough. It seems harder to call it quits for the night during the summer months. Why is that?
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Seeing our new dining room furniture. It's coming this week!


AGE: 7
FAVORITES: Reading (like, all the time), honing his piano skills (he might not love to practice, but he does like how good he's getting!), bike riding, summer ice cream trips, playing video games, talking about Minecraft (with anyone who will listen), trips to Stevens Point, swimming in the deep end, lego creations, playing soccer games
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Patience with Miles when playing games. It's no fun for the little one when the big one always wins. But how do you explain to a seven year old that he shouldn't try his hardest all the time?
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Seeing his friends again. It's sweet when they are actually looking forward to school starting back up again.


AGE: 5
FAVORITES: Sorting rocks, playing with Blossom (the hamster), biking around the block (without training wheels), collecting yo-yo bear cards, digging through his desk, bubbly water, Fairfax pool waterslide, Pokemon, water balloon fights, playing soccer games
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Having to wake up Blossom to spend time with him. It turns out tricking him with food tends to work pretty well.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Dog-sitting Max again. This time for a whole week!

Looking back on 1700 posts

Day 1699 | Baseball


We went to a local baseball game last night and the boys both walked away with a baseball (one home run, one foul ball). We tried to explain to them how crazy that was but I don’t think it sank in. Total disappoint is inevitable for all future ballgames.

And now a quick update on our…

2019 summer bucket list

  • Go fishing — done!

  • Go mini golfing

  • Go swimming — done!

  • Catch frogs—done!

  • Look for new animals

  • Playdate with Malcolm—done!

  • Attend a baseball game—done!

  • Go bowling

  • Make a movie

  • Make homemade ice cream

  • Lots of playdates with Edwin—in progress

  • A Fairfax Pool trip—done!

  • Go camping

  • Bike to get ice cream—done!

  • Go to a family wedding