Meet the Team


Name: Sara

FAVORITES: The smell of fall, oat milk + decaf lattes, getting more space back in my life (5 half days of 4K helps!), Halloween costume crafting (I really do love it), seeing the boys grow up as best friends, nearing the completion of the marketing plan for the book festival I’ve been working on
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Realizing that I might not be completely warm again for the next 6 months. That's not ok.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Completing the big [HUGE] painting project in the house (which hasn't even started yet). I'm just so excited (mostly because it’s not me painting!).

Name: Chris

FAVORITES: Learning to play Mindcraft to placate the boys, his new slip-on shoes, spending time with his brothers, family bike rides (he even got a real tune-up for his bike this year), an afternoon cocktail
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Going to bed early enough. It seems harder to call it quits for the night during the summer months. Why is that?
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Seeing our new dining room furniture. It's coming this week!

Name: Chase

AGE: 7
FAVORITES: Reading (like, all the time), honing his piano skills (he might not love to practice, but he does like how good he's getting!), bike riding, summer ice cream trips, playing video games, talking about Minecraft (with anyone who will listen), trips to Stevens Point, swimming in the deep end, lego creations, playing soccer games
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Patience with Robbe when playing games. It's no fun for the little one when the big one always wins. But how do you explain to a seven year old that he shouldn't try his hardest all the time?
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Seeing his friends again. It's sweet when they are actually looking forward to school starting back up again.

Name: Robbe

AGE: 5
FAVORITES: Sorting rocks, playing with Blossom (the hamster), biking around the block (without training wheels), collecting yo-yo bear cards, digging through his desk, bubbly water, Fairfax pool waterslide, Pokemon, water balloon fights, playing soccer games, bad guys (in anything, really)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Having to wake up Blossom to spend time with him. It turns out tricking him with food tends to work pretty well.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Dog-sitting Max again. This time for a whole week!