Aside from my #1 and #2 duties (Chase and Robbe), I've been doing a bit of graphic design and web design work on the side with my good friend, Mary Catherine Starr. We've been knocking out a lot of great material lately, from fliers + logo design to wedding invites + brand new websites

Some day, when my big days aren't filled with as much quality time with my small guys, I'll definitely focus more time + energy on these types of projects. It just brings me such joy.

Click here to see more of what we're working on every day.

A bit more of my writing

I started blogging for Visit Eau Claire recently and have been thoroughly enjoying exploring my city more and writing about my discoveries. Check back every month or so, they'll be new articles posted here every month.

From DC to EC - October 2017
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Tactical Escape 101: 6 Things to Know Before You Go
- September 2017
Car-Free in EC, Your Itinerary for a Car-free Day- August 2017
Confessions from an Eaux Claires Outsider - July 2017

Dying to hear my voice? 

I'm officially a podcaster! My friend, Mary Catherine, and I are talking all things mommy in the fourth season of Starr Struck Radio. If you are interested in hearing me say "like" too often or just have an hour you'd like to fill, tune in. I think you'll enjoy them. Scroll down for FAQs on how to make sure you never miss an episode.




What is a podcast? 
A radio show or audio file that you get from the internet and can listen to at any time. You can listen on Mary Catherine's website (listen to each episode HERE), or you can SUBSCRIBE to get the podcast (directions below) so that it is automatically downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer each time a new episode comes out. 

How do I get your podcast?
This is the BEST video I've ever seen explaining how to get a podcast (from the great folks at Serial). If you want to subscribe, as they explain in the video, you can do so through the Podcasts app on an iPhone or iPad, or in the Stitcher app on an Andriod device. Or, you can just listen by playing straight from the site, using the player embedded in the shownotes for each episode, which can be found here

How do I rate your podcast? 
If you want to rate us (thank you!) but don't know how, here are some simple directions. The only tricky part--if you're already a subscriber, you still have to search for the show in the iTunes store (search "Starr Struck Radio") in order to review it--you can't just select it from your podcast library. 

Thanks for listening! We really appreciate your support.