Day 1672 | Summer 2019 Bucket List


I wouldn’t say we had the best first day of summer around here. I thought maybe a low-key day with nothing on the agenda would be the right way to ease into our months of freedom. As it turns out, the boys were not interested in being bored all day (on the first day!). Fingers crossed we get into a better routine around here or it’s going to be a long few months. Don’t worry, though, I’m hopeful tomorrow will be much better.

We’ve decided to put together a bucket list again this year (like we did in 2016) as a way of making sure we motivate ourselves to get out there and seize these beautiful and fleeting days. Without further ado, and in no particular order…

The Summer 2019 Bucket List

  • Go fishing — done!

  • Go mini golfing

  • Go swimming — done!

  • Catch frogs

  • Look for new animals

  • Playdate with Malcolm

  • Attend a baseball game

  • Go bowling

  • Make a movie

  • Make homemade ice cream

  • Lots of playdates with Edwin

  • A Fairfax Pool trip

  • Go camping

  • Bike to get ice cream

  • Go to a family wedding

  • Sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s

  • Attend Harry Potter’s Birthday at the public library

  • Go tubing down the river by our house

  • Attend Chalkfest

  • Walk/bike the sculpture tour

  • Attend a summer concert (at least one)

  • Practice stand up paddle boarding

  • Read three new chapter books

  • Take a Mississippi River day trip

  • Visit the Upper Peninsula

  • Go strawberry picking

  • Go blueberry picking

There you have it! We’re going to be busy, that’s for sure. I’ll keep you posted as we make progress.

Day 1666 | Bikers


This was the other big accomplishment of the weekend: new bikes!  

And not only that, but Robbe is *this close* to officially riding a two-wheeler. We’ve had two good days of practice and I think after one more session of Chris chasing after him, he’ll be good to go. Can you imagine no more training wheels?!?

I see lots of family bike rides in the future.  

Day 1665 | Broiler Fest


We weren’t planning on making a trip to the Eleva Broiler Fest (the festival in the town right next to mine growing up), but when all three nieces are in the parade (and one of them is celebrating her 16th birthday!!), you load up the car and fight your way through the chaos. 

It was a beautiful day for a town festival. In the two hours we were there, corn dogs were consumed, the boys played a couple of carnival games (and won some sweet snakes), and we scored an impressive haul of candy during the parade. 

Our little family had a really lovely day overall. More details on today’s other adventures tomorrow—I can only fit so many photos in one collage.  

Day 1662 | A Hamster


That’s right. We have a new member in our family. Meet Blossom Dandelion. He’s a Winter White hamster and he’s adorable. 

Robbe has been lobbying for quite some time to bring a hamster into this house. We’ve done tons of deliberating, and researching, and budgeting surrounding the new little guy and finally we just had to go for it. 

The transition has been a bit tough so far. Turns out you need to leave new hamsters alone for a couple of days when you first bring them home. Even though we were well aware of this (thanks library books!), it’s still hard to do. We all want to be your best friend, Blossom! LOVE US!!! 

We’re trying to keep our enthusiasm in check. Really trying. And I think it’s working. We brought him home yesterday afternoon and already he’s more interested in us and doesn’t seem to be scared to death. That’s good, right?!?

I’ll keep you posted on our best friend status. Fingers crossed!

Day 1656 | Demonstration Speech


Chase checked his annual 4-H demonstration speech off the list tonight. This year’s topic? How to make Mr. Mans. It was Chase’s choice and he did a great job brainstorming the outline of his speech, creating the poster, practicing, and then presenting it (at last). With the help of his trusty visual aid holder, he had no fear standing in front of the crowd. It was pretty awesome to witness. 

I won’t say he had the smoothest finished product but he was happy with it and that’s the important thing. A link to the speech is below for your enjoyment. I also included a second video where Chase shows exactly what Mr. Man is (it’s hard to see in the video).  

We’re very proud of our big guy tonight. :)