Day 2 | Meet the Team: Robbe

Robbe | 2 months
Robbe | 2 months
Chronological order makes sense for introducing the family but since it's Robbe's two month birthday today (such a grown up!), it seems only right to start with him.

  • Name: Robbe (remember: we're going by middle names around here)
  • Age: 2 months
  • Favorites: his brother (and mom and dad, of course), his yellow chair, baths, eating, wearing stripes (I might be projecting)
  • Biggest hurdle to overcome: recognizing that you can't always be the hungriest you've ever been with the intense reaction to follow
  • Dreams for the future: sleeping longer stretches at night

We'll check back with the fam every now and then to update their profiles. Get excited.