Day 100 | Update on the Team

In celebration of 100 days (!!) of blogging, I decided to update our team profile.  A lot changes in 100 days.  If I can keep this whole blogging thing up (I hope so!), perhaps I'll revisit our profile every 100 posts.  I can tell you're excited.

Name: Sara
Age: 30
Favorites: Family (immediate and, love, love these people), crafting (I'll have time for this again someday, right?), listening to toddler belly laughs, seeing my boys start to develop their brotherly bond, sleeping longer stretches at night (most nights)
Biggest hurdle to overcome: Getting pulled in two different directions, literally, as Robbe starts to think about moving (so far he's got the rolling down).
Dreams for the future: Putting finishing touches on our amazing house.  Bookshelf? Check. Attic access? Check. Dining room table? Check. Miscellaneous furniture delivery? In progress. Hanging photos? In progress.

Name: Chris
Age: 31
Favorites: "Daddy, how was your day?" from his favorite toddler, movie trailers (although watching the full movies rarely happens), having every other Friday off, Wisconsin sports teams, Cadbury cream eggs (how can anyone eat those things?), gigantic ice cubes
Biggest hurdle to overcome: Continuing his ability to create original songs for Chase. Coming up with several a day is no joke. No joke.
Dreams for the future: Finally hosting a house warming party.  Will our furniture ever come?

Name: Chase
Age: 2.5 years (well, almost)
Favorites: Books, "Tree Park", blueberries, playing chomper with Daddy (a bear pretending to be an alligator chomps at him, obviously), any outing, trains (watching, playing with, reading about), mama/dada, ma and pas (grandparents: they are grouped into one entity), his little brother
Biggest hurdle to overcome: Eating breakfast (why is that such a challenge?)
Dreams for the future: Owning/riding in/seeing a light blue car. 

Name: Robbe
Age: 5 months
Favorites: Going for walks, his brother (and mom and dad, of course), rolling over, sucking his thumb (I know...uh oh), eating
Biggest hurdle to overcome: Finding a comfortable position to take in the chaos surrounding him (laying on your tummy gets exhausting, not quite ready for unassisted sitting, too big and wiggly for our favorite yellow chair).
Dreams for the future: Starting to eat real food (fingers crossed for a smooth transition)

Name: Miga the Cat
Age: 8 years
Favorites: Being outside, sleeping on white surfaces (only makes sense since she's a black cat), head-butting for attention, showing off her snaggle-teeth (she has two, could we be any luckier?), keeping our feet and crooks of our knees warm at night (really helpful and not at all annoying), meowing at the highest volume level imaginable.
Biggest hurdle to overcome: Coming to terms with the fact that she's an indoor cat now.  Not an easy transition.
Dreams for the future: A calmer existence.  It's been a rough few months for this one: a new baby, a new house, moving to single-cat status, no more outdoor adventures. Poor kitty.

Name: Moggy the Cat
Age: he was with us for 7 eventful years
Favorites: Eating anything and everything (favorites over the years: cell phone chargers, q-tips, hair ties), getting attention from Chase (I swear he really did like it), rubbing up on Chris's work pants (he was a white cat so rubbing on black pants just makes sense), sitting in boxes (why is this fun for cats?)
Dreams for the future: Our family challenge is coming to terms with the fact we'll never see that sweet, handsome kitty cat again. He'll always be with us in spirit...