Day 300 | 300!

Three hundred and still going strong! Here's our team update for this round.

Name: Sara
Favorites: visitors! We're heading into another season of visitors. On the list, my mom, then my brother, then my good friend, then my parents...all in two months. Woo hoo!
Biggest hurdle to overcome: conquering the great potty training challenge of 2015.
Dreams for the future: get back to yoga. I practiced twice (2!) last week and absolutely loved it. It just feels so good for the body and soul.

Name: Chris
Favorites: honing his new-found talent of iPad animations (another one of the ten hours of presents). His doodles-turned movies are quite entertaining. Especially for the two year old demographic.
Biggest hurdle to overcome: survive the last stretch (we can hope anyway) of winter commutes. Walking to and from the metro in freezing temperatures/biting wind/damp precipitation is not fun. The guy never complains, though. He and I are very different.
Dreams for the future: winning the lottery (and not even the real one, but that would be nice). The public school lottery for Chase's 3 pre-k next year. Applications need to be in Monday and we find out at the end of the month. Think happy thoughts!

Name: Chase
Favorites: brainstorming ideas for birthday gifts (for himself). At least once a day we have pretty detailed discussions about which trains he's going to ask for for his birthday. It's a tough choice for this little guy. I'm confident he'll pull through with the right ones in the end. Other favs: saying "no no Miles," blueberries (he's consistent), saying "I love you [fill in the blank]," trains (obviously).
Biggest hurdle to overcome: do I really have to say it? Definitely completing his potty training course work. He's been a rockstar thus far. I know he can do it.
Dreams for the future: teaching Robbe to talk. During most meals and most car rides, Chase enjoys repeating words for Robbe to learn. He does it very deliberately and in an exaggerated way: "mama mama mama", "dada dada," "yeeesss" (with head shake), "nooooo" (with head shake). Isn't Robbe lucky to have such an amazing coach? He'll have him talking in no time.

Name: Robbe
Favorites: tumbling acts in his crib. He thinks it's absolutely hysterical to wake up and meet us by doing acrobatics in his crib. He stands by the railing and then falls onto his tummy, he does seriously silly rolling, he wedges himself against the rails. It's quite entertaining. Other favs: eating (any and everything), brother snuggles, daddy's glasses, Miga (of course), finding everything that's not a toy to play with.
Biggest hurdle to overcome: teeth. These phantom annoyances have been plaguing our happy little tyke for weeks. He still only has two (and he's had those for months) but I see probably four that are on the cusp. Just pop through already and give us all a break!
Dreams for the future: walking. I'm in no rush for this physical development (have you heard me say, "the later they walk, the smarter they are about it?") but you can see the wheels turning in his mind about taking steps. He gets how life-changing it's going to be. Now if only those wobbly legs would cooperate.