Day 400 | 400!

I made it to 400 posts! Woohoo! To keep with tradition, here's an update on the team.

Name: Sara
Favorites: walking (thanks to the extra motivation from my fitbit), the rain (which has been constant the last few days, but I don't mind at all), strawberry gin and tonics (I'll do a post about these some day), clean bathrooms (I just wish I didn't have to be the one to clean them).
Biggest hurdle to overcome: finding time for crafting. Since my built-in crafting mornings are gone (thanks, summer vacation), I'm having a hard time finding time to sneak crafting in. I already have afternoon nap and post-bedtime pretty over-booked so something has to give.
Dreams for the future: finding closure to the school situation. We're still up in the air (very up in the air) about where Chase is going to be going to school come the fall. It's silly to be so preoccupied with this for a three year old but it's a big deal. Five day program or two day? Closer to home or further away? We're confident we'll have some choices come the fall, but in the meantime I continue to feel conflicted about the best option for our sweet boy.

Name: Chris
Favorites: our new minivan. That's it. He loves it.
Biggest hurdle to overcome: making it through the rest of the month of June working his normal schedule before it's smooth-sailing into the month of July and vacations.
Dreams for the future: meeting our new neighbors. The house next door was listed to be rented as of June 1. So far, no movement over there. Who are they going to be? When are they going to move in? Can we be best friends? So many questions!

Name: Chase

Age: 3 years
Favorites: minivan spotting (he's really good at it...and differentiating between makes, too), building with legos, reading, baking with mommy, being independent, eating sushi
Biggest hurdle to overcome: he's been "so sad" lately because our vacation is "still so far away." We all feel that way, buddy. At least we know that he enjoys his time with family in Wisconsin.
Dreams for the future: own an outside car (see explanation here)

Name: Robbe
Age: 1 year
Favorites: blowing raspberries on any visible skin, saying "hi" and waving to everyone, reading the My Big Animal Book, playing with wiggle bug (a toy), food (any food), communicating (nodding yes and learning sign language)
Biggest hurdle to overcome: teething. Yep, still working our way through this challenge. He's up to seven but three are about to pop and continue to mess with the poor guy.
Dreams for the future: a full day to pass without some sort of hardy spill. This guy trips, bumps into things, dives head first, and misjudges distance constantly leading to some minor, some more serious, stumbles. Don't worry, little man. Someday your feet will catch up with the rest of your body.