Day 600 | 600!

Posing at our favorite breakfast spot.
Yep, another 100 days has flown by. You know what that means: another team update.  Enjoy!

Name: Sara
Favorites: SmartWool socks (now that winter has finally arrived, super warm socks just couldn't make me happier), lattes (there’s nothing better in the chilly afternoons), going out for breakfast
Biggest hurdle to overcome: dealing with attention-deprived kiddos after the last two weeks of constant family distractions. Eek!
Dreams for the future: crafting with my boys more often…this whole school five days a week is really cramping my style. Goal for 2016? Craft more all around, with and without the babes.

Name: Chris
Favorites: giant ice cubes (and now we have a circle mold in addition to our square ones!), kringle (good thing he got to eat it three times in the week he was in his hometown), writing notes on his brand new old typewriter, horsing around with the boys, going out for breakfast
Biggest hurdle to overcome: how to spend his big fantasy football earnings (he won his league…no big deal)
Dreams for the future: the first snow day. It’s DC, we’ll have one eventually…but when?!?

Name: Marshall
Age: 3.5 years (45 months, to be exact)
Favorites: Paw Patrol & trains (at least he’s consistent), puzzles, practicing his writing, saying “I really love you so much, [fill in the blank]” (it’s the sweetest thing ever), negotiating…anything and everything, going out for breakfast
Biggest hurdle to overcome: finding the time to play with all his new toys (thanks, family, for spoiling him like crazy over the holidays) in addition to all the old toys that he hasn’t seen in 2+ weeks.
Dreams for the future: going diaper-free. He’s gone one day at school with no diaper for nap (he’s been doing it at home for a couple of months) and last night was his first diaper-free bedtime. We’re so close!

Name: Robbe
Age: Almost 2 years (22 months, to be exact)
Favorites: Miga (for some reason, these two are best friends lately), his brother, giving the best hugs, offering up smooches, tucking in his toys before naps/bedtime, trucks, reading, saying “mama”, going out for breakfast (have you noticed a family trend?)
Biggest hurdle to overcome: whining and screeching. It’s a new development since we’ve been on vacation. Not sure how it came about but let’s just say no one is a fan. Hopefully once we’re back in the routine of real life he’ll realize it’s not a great attention-getting option.
Dreams for the future: talking. He’s so close to actually being able to express himself. I see an explosion of words in the not too distant future. Stay tuned.

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