Day 800 | 800!

Seems appropriate for our the 800 blog post to be a photo from DC, that's where we've spent most of these 800 days.
Can you believe I've been blogging for 800 days?!? Whoa. 

It's been a *smidge* hectic around here lately, so I'll apologize in advance for the slightly-briefer team update this time around. But here goes:

Name: Sara
Favorites: cool Wisconsin mornings, ice cream runs, naptime/bedtime snuggles with my sweet Chase (we do that more on vacation), coming up with new projects for the house to-do list, the plethora of cabinet space in the kitchen at new house 
Biggest Hurdle to Overcome: slowing down. There's so much to do everywhere I look (not to mention my mile-long to do list inside my head) that it's hard for me to take the necessary breaks and give my mind + body a break.
Dreams for the Future: Settling in to our new home and all that goes with it: exploring the neighborhood, buying new furniture, finding a second car, all the organizing, and, most of all, the family time.

Name: Chris
Favorites: all varieties of Wisconsin snack food + drinks, quality brother-time, open parking spots, our new house, no traffic, a new garage (I sense a theme), the screened porch at new house
Biggest Hurdle to Overcome: one more week of work before a much-deserved break until he starts his knew job in September.
Dreams for the Future: Scoring the best deal on his new grill. He already bought one but he's determined there might be a better price + model out there. Stay tuned.

Name: Chase
Age: 4 years, 4 months
Favorites: Spending time with family (especially cousins), blueberries (he remains consistent), drinking tea, dreaming up performances for his new stage, discovering new books, the laundry shoot in new house
Biggest Hurdle to Overcome: determining whose rules to follow when mom + dad's rules conflict with grandma + grandpa's. That's a tough one.
Dreams for the Future: A bunk bed. Hopefully one we can remedy quickly.

Name: Robbe
Age: 2 years, 5 months
Favorites: Papa (grandpa), picking + consuming blueberries, his brother's jokes (he's into mostly physical humor these days), stickers, anything truck related (also consistent), talking about cows, the jetted tub in new house
Biggest Hurdle to Overcome: eating delicious summer fruit without staining all his favorite truck shirts. Seriously, can you believe the hard times these boys have been going through?
Dreams for the Future: more words. Robbe is accumulating new words every day, but it's been a slow go. Maybe now that he has to communicate with more than just me (and I'm really good at translating), he'll get the extra motivation he needs. For now, I'll appreciate having only one little one that talks non-stop. ;)