Day 30 | Wisconsin Adventure: The trek home

Well, we're back at the airport. Turns out a week goes by really fast.

The solo trip with two kiddos has gone smoothly thus far. We made the drive to the airport with less napping than I would have liked, but there was napping. We had no issues with security: one baby in the backpack, one baby in my arms. Robbe is enjoying our plane-viewing vantage point and both boys are having a quick snack while we watch our plane pull into the gate. Calm before the storm or a vision of how the rest of the trip will go? Only time will tell. Think happy thoughts! 

Thanks to all our family and friends for a lovely visit. We always leave wanting to stay longer and spend more time with all of you-just the way it should be!

Oh...and we're officially home owners!  Chris signed on the dotted lines this afternoon and we'll head to the house tomorrow to spend some time in our little slice of the District. Big day for our little family.