Day 48 | A Morning Surprise

Daddy and Chase talking birds.
Since Chris has to be at work at 8am, he's long gone before the boys wake up (yippee for me, sad for him).

This morning, however, he's making his rounds at government agencies (the Social Security office and DMV, to be exact) to continue our never ending quest to update our registration and get a new parking permit. Turns out when he went last week his middle name was not spelled out on his Social Security card and "W" could stand for anything (?!?) so now he needs a letter from them verifying his identity. Even though he already has a DC license. Lame. 

Anyway...the happy part of the story is that he left later this morning. Chase couldn't have been more excited to spend some surprise time with his daddy. They sat together over breakfast and discussed their new favorite topic...birds. It was one of my favorite moments: just listening to the two of them and thinking about how lucky we are. A nice reminder after a less-than-ideal night with Robbe. Somehow it's so much easier to focus on the hard moments until sweet ones (like this morning) snap you back into reality.