Day 70 | Hello, Old Friend

Chase and his friend, John, doing legs up the wall.  Cutest thing ever.
We got back on the yoga train after taking a few weeks off. Since we've moved, the Arlington studio of Tranquil Space (where we have been taking tots yoga) is just a bit too far. So now we're taking class at the Dupont first yoga love.

This is where I spent a little over a year (practically every day) finding myself, working a job that I truly enjoyed (What? That's possible?), detoxing from a stressful past work experience, and enjoying my last baby-free moments (even though that wasn't completely appreciated at the time). I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming, nurturing environment as a place to fall in love with yoga and discover a wonderful community of people at the same time. 

It's strange going back now after giving so much of myself to those walls. To see someone else thriving in my old role and experiencing all the same ups and downs that go with it. 

It will always feel like home walking through those doors...even if I'm completely anonymous now.