Day 83 | Making it a Home

After eight plus years of using lots of hand-me-downs and buying needed furniture on the cheap (thanks for the good memories, IKEA), we decided to splurge on a few real pieces of furniture for the new house. Be on the lookout for future posts about our new loveseats for the living room (6-8 weeks...urgh!) and the new built-in bookshelf for the basement (hopefully next week!).

Today, though, I'm excited to announce that our new dining room table has arrived! This was a big deal for us. We eat 95% of our meals together as a family...that's right, all four of us when Chris is home or me and the boys during weekday meals. I feel like it brings us together and teaches the boys the importance of manners during mealtimes. I know every family can't do this (we couldn't have when Chris was at his old job)...we recognize how lucky we are. 

So my plans during nap and post-bedtime? Unpacking these boxes and putting together our new table!! I can't wait. Finished product photo to come.