Day 104 | Mr. Aricio

Over the last few weeks, we had a very nice contractor, Aricio, take care of a couple projects around the house. He made us a beautiful built-in bookshelf (looks like it was meant to be there) and built attic access (yay storage!) with a drop down ladder. We're incredibly happy with the finished products.

He was a very sweet man and Chase talked about him a lot..."Mr. Aricio" this, "Mr. Aricio" that. It was very cute. So much that I asked Aricio to pose for a photo with Chase so he can remember him (see above).

I imagine we'll have other odd jobs that will pop up and that we'll see Aricio again but for now we'll be thankful we're done with house construction projects for a bit (have I mentioned how fun they are to coordinate with two napping babies?).