Day 115 | Berry Delicious

The sunshine was calling our name to the berry fields again this morning. We packed up and headed to Butler's Orchard...this time for their raspberry harvest. The temperature was a little warmer, the berries not quite as plentiful (but no complaints!), and the bees had found the raspberry bushes, too, but none of that inhibited our good time. I mean, is there anything more enjoyable than a beautiful morning with your beautiful family enjoying delicious berries? I think not. 

For those of you who remember Chase eating "just one" blueberry, this time he splurged and ate "just two" raspberries. His ability to underestimate must have developed early, because we're pretty sure he ate about as much as we brought home (2.5 pounds). 

Did I mention we stopped and got soft serve ice cream to eat with our fresh berries? Could this day get any better?