Day 133 | One of My Favorite Places

I have a confession: 

I think, taking into consideration all the amazing places I've been, my bed is on the top three list of my favorite places.

Is there really any better feeling than crawling in between soft sheets and resting your head on a cool pillow to make your soul happy? Of course, it helps that I get to share it with the love of my life (my husband, that is, and not the little guy pictured above, thank goodness!). 

I've recognized my love affair with my bed, and sleep as a whole, has grown dramatically with my nightly baby wake ups and feedings. One of my favorite moments of the day is putting a happy, zonked-out baby back in his crib and walking as quickly (and quietly) as possible to be enveloped by my blankets once more. Ah. Just thinking about it brings me to a happier place.