Day 178 | Pumpkins!

 It was the perfect fall day for heading to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, I didn't have the needed motivation to make that trek happen. Sorry, kiddos. Instead, we had a low key morning and then headed to a cute little pumpkin sale at a local church. We pulled in at 11:10am to find out that it didn't open until noon. Urgh.

Next option? Grocery store pumpkins. Not exactly what we had in mind for Robbe's first pumpkin adventure, but after several hours, I've come to terms with it.

The important thing is that we have carved pumpkins on our front porch. See? We're festive. One thing we learned, though: a one-to-one ratio of adult to baby is not ideal when trying to carve two pumpkins. We ended up going pretty simplistic with this year's designs. I did my annual cat carving (did you know that about me?) and Chris pulled through with a much more creative train to match Chase's current obsession.