Day 267 | Prepping for Christmas

That's right. It's January and I'm planning [way] ahead for Christmas. That's what you have to do when you're taking about knitting stockings for the whole family.

I've wanted to craft stockings for my family since before we had kids. That's serious. Now that we've settled in as a family of four, it's time. 

My mother in-law crafted some amazing stockings for the boys which we'll continue to use for official Santa business (since they're much fancier). These knitted ones will hang on our mantle, just as festive decor. 

I'm debating about how to add names to these beauties (some sort of tag hanging off of them, probably) but for now I'll just keep on knitting. One down, three to go. 

Oh, and here's the pattern for all you fellow knitters. It's surprisingly easy and quick. You can do it!