Day 309 | Mail Museum

It's a gorgeous, albeit slightly chilly, day in the District. We took advantage of the sunshine by busting out of the house to pop down for another visit to our favorite museum for toddlers: the Postal Museum (or "mail museum", as Chase called it today).

The place was pretty empty (it always is) and Chase was all over the place practically sprinting from one attraction to the next: mail sorting, truck driving, spooky trail walking, mail scanning, stamp making. We covered a lot in a short period of time. 

And we used the trains at Union Station to lure him to lunch and eat it quickly. Perfect! 

Once our sweet one year old drops his morning nap, I think we'll be frequent visitors to this place. I can see it now: Metro ride to the museum, lots of mail sorting, then lunch with daddy. Only time will tell if I can actually make it happen. You'll hear about it if I do!