Day 317 | Lottery Picks

I totally forgot to report back about our DC school lottery picks that we submitted on March 2. Have you been waiting anxiously since this post? No more!

Here's what we ended up with:

  1. Capital City Public Charter School: Our obvious first choice. It's five minutes from our house and it was super-impressive during the open house. Fingers crossed!
  2. Creative Minds International Public Charter School: Kind of a dark-horse that piqued our interest late in the game. It's moving locations so it wasn't on our radar until too late for a tour. We've heard great things, though, and it has some unique program offerings.
  3. E.L. Haynes Public Charter School: I was pleasantly surprised with this one during its open house. It's a bit further away (six minute drive) and the facility leaves something to be desired but it's still a solid choice. And one we would be very excited about.
  4. Takoma Education Campus: Beautiful campus but I had a few reservations after a tour. Nothing that would make me hesitate to send Chase there, but just enough to knock it down a few pegs.
  5. Shepherd Elementary School: I didn't tour this one but, again, we've heard good things. The commute isn't ideal (probably around ten minute drive) but it has a great reputation.
  6. Bridges Public Charter School: Our back up school. I didn't tour it (it's moving locations after next year anyway), I don't know much about it, but it's close-ish and has a decent reputation.
Oh, and we applied to one other school outside the lottery system. LAMB Public Charter School holds their own lottery (this Friday!) and manages their own waitlist. [Here's an article on some of the waitlists from last year, if you're interested.]

So, that's it. One lottery. Endless internet research. Four school tours. Six finalists. Hopefully a school my little sweet pea can call home next year. 

Check back with me on March 27. There will be news (and hopefully it's good!).