Day 332 | Baby Teeth

I know it's not the best photo of his new teeth, but it's hard to capture teeth buds. Just take my word for it, they're there.
I don't remember teething being this bad with Chase. Maybe I blocked it out.

Robbe has not been the most enjoyable little guy to be around for the past week or so. He's waking up early (and no one, including him, is happy about it). He's generally cranky (except when we're with other he's distracted). He needs to be held constantly. And he's just not comfortable. You can tell. 

I'm pleased to announce that his top two middle teeth finally broke through this past week and another bottom tooth popped out today. Current total teeth count: 5. Number of baby teeth still needed to accumulate in the next year or so: 15. 

Let's hope they aren't all this painful.