Day 335 | Fifth Time's a Charm

We had some enjoyable lunchtime entertainment today. The dishwasher repairman was back (for the fifth time, if you're keeping track). And, for the moment, the appliance is working again (which was not the outcome after the last two visits).

This process could not be more frustrating (you'll notice I'm not confident enough in the fix to put that statement in past tense). Dealing with one incompetent and bureaucratic company(Samsung)for the warranty and an incompetent and unorganized company for the actual repair has been enough to drive me batty.

Here's a breakdown of what's been going on:
  • 1 broken dishwasher 
  • 6 weeks of minimal/non-functioning use 
  • 5 five-hour appointment windows where the boys and I sit home and wait 
  • 10+ calls to Samsung (all 20+ minutes, of course) 
  • 2 homeowners sick of doing dishes 
  • 1 toddler who now plays "doing the dishes because the dishwasher is broken". I couldn't make that up. 
Let's hope this saga is over

Side note: did you notice that I didn't post this yesterday? I had it mostly typed up and then went to finish it last night when a very sick baby (Robbe) changed my evening plans. After a ton of soothing, a call to the doctor, and a dose of Tylenol, he fell back asleep. As you might have guessed, the blog wasn't my priority at that point. He had a restful night, though, and is still sleeping now. Hopefully that's a good sign. I'll report back later today about how our peanut is doing. Poor guy.