Day 364 | One Whole Year

The boys and I frolicking this morning at the National Arboretum.
It's been a year. One whole year of blogging. Our life is at the same time unrecognizable and exactly the same. In celebration of my accomplishment (it's a pretty big deal that I managed to keep this up), I'm posting my top eleven favorite blog posts from the past year.

But first, I'm going to start the tradition of posting last year's blog post from this date as a throwback: Capitol Play Time. See any resemblances to today's photo? My idea of recreating the scene from last year. I promise this won't become a tradition!

And now the best of the best blog posts, in my opinion and in no particular order:
  1. Playing Tourist
  2. Depicting Motherhood
  3. Happy Father's Day
  4. Sunday Shopping
  5. Feeling Nostalgic
  6. It's Nice to See
  7. Favorite Things Tees
  8. Homemade Baby Food
  9. Toddler Travel Tips
  10. Books for the Babies
  11. On Being a Stay at Home Mom
And just to warn you, there might be some changes coming to the blog. I'm still throwing around some ideas in my head. Stay tuned.