Day 377 | Pork Carnitas

I think you realize by now how deep my love for the crock pot runs. If there's anything that makes me a *teeny bit* sad about cold weather disappearing, it's the fact that so many of my slow cooker recipes seem more suited to the fall and winter months.

However, I found this yummy pork carnitas (pork tacos) recipe that is a total summer dish.

Three notes before you try it out:
1. Use the full amount of chipotle peppers. I only used one because I'm a total spice wimp and really regretted it. The tacos need the extra flavor and I'm convinced it still wouldn't be anywhere close to too spicey. 

2. Add an onion to the crock to cook with the pork. The recipe calls for raw onion on the taco at the end but I find raw onion too overpowering. This way, I still got my onion but not only onion. 

3. Add shredded cabbage when you're fixing them to eat. The tacos need the extra texture and crunch.