Day 384 | The Last Day

Chase and his teachers, Mrs. Bruce and Mrs. Olsson
Chase had his first last day of school today. I know everyone says it, but I can't believe the school year is over (perhaps that's in part due to the fact that they ended so early!).

A few notes about the school year:
  • Chase loved every second of school and never cried when I left or hesitated to walk in the door. Such a proud mommy.
  • Robbe managed to successfully nap every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-11am (ish) while Chase was at school. Amazing, right? I'm totally fine with having both boys home every day but boy, oh boy, am I going to miss the two hours a week of quiet in the morning. It'll be a year and a half before I see that again.
  • The community at Saint Luke Christian Day School has been exactly what we would have wanted for Chase's first school experience. I would recommend this place to anyone.