Day 388 | Deck Drama

What happens when you don't make any plans for a glorious four day weekend? You feel compelled to complete something on your home owner to do list. This weekend's project for us? Painting the deck.

For the record, we did not expect the task to take anywhere near as long as it did. I mean, it's a small deck. When Chris did his last round of touch ups today, we had invested 13 hours of (mostly Chris's) manual labor in this endeavor. And that didn't include any prep work (cleaning, taping, procuring supplies, etc). Whoa. 

I think the thing that shocks me the most is that we actually managed to squeeze that many hours out of two days to dedicate to the project. And that's without any childcare help. 

There's a very good chance we will pay to have this done next time. Remind me of that.