Day 427 | Bedroom Buddies

Since moving into our house just over a year ago, we've been talking about when to move the boys into the same room. We always planned on having them share, so it was a question of when, not if.

A looming visit from Chris's brother and his family gave us the final shove that we needed. They have a little one that could use her own space more than Chase so why not give the room-sharing idea a go?

Chase was beyond excited about his new "bedroom buddy" (aka Robbe) and his new "bedroom neighbors" (aka mom and dad: previously he's been sleeping on the main level of our house while we sleep upstairs). Oh, and I almost failed to mention that included in this bedroom transition was also the switch from crib to big boy bed for our sweet three year old. How could I have almost forgotten such a momentous occasion?

I'll let you know how all this turns out tomorrow. I hope everyone gets a decent night's sleep, it is a big celebration day tomorrow, after all!