Day 469 | Haircut Day

Have you heard? It's national haircut least around our house. I cut all three of my favorite boys' hair tonight, two (Chris's and Robbe's) for the first time. Big day!

It was sad to see sweet Robbe's baby hair fall away but it was time. Let's just say we moved past "cute and shaggy" a few weeks ago. He handled his first haircut (ever, not just by me) really well. I think it helped that Chase got his done first and Robbe does anything Chase does right now. When we asked him if he wanted to get his hair cut, he pulled on his locks and nodded yes. That boy was ready.

And I have to say, all three turned out pretty well. Maybe I've missed my calling. Even my first attempt at Chris's hair (who has got his hair cut by others, in case you're wondering), looks shockingly like the paid for version. Woohoo!