Day 483 | Shhh...Don't Tell

While Chase was at his second full day of school (more details below), Chris, Robbe, and I spent a lovely morning at the zoo (just don't tell Chase). We felt like part of our bodies were missing without Chase there with us but it was sure nice to let Robbe run to and fro as he pleased. He loved the quality mommy and daddy time. I think we will see his personality really shine through with all the extra attention.

Chase's first full week of school was a resounding success. He seems over the moon about all his new friends, his teachers, and all the new activities he's learning. I won't say the full days (yesterday and today) were perfect...there have been no naps, after all...but he's all smiles at the end of the day and always wants to go back. A good sign, I think!

Let's see what next week brings.