Day 486 | Just Yelp for Help

The shadow of one of Chase's Paw Patrol toys. Artsy, right?
If you're ever in trouble, just yelp for help!

That's the catch phrase from Chase's newest obsession: the Paw Patrol. It's a cartoon that he has watched exactly four times. But he was hooked after the first episode (and a few books). It's a sweet show and Chase thinks it's fall-off-your-chair funny. Oh, and the main puppy is named Chase. Amazing!

So after hearing Chase repeat the slogan "...yelp for help," why did it take me three days of no naps at school to do just that? I needed the help of the Paw Patrol to incentivize (not bribe!) this much needed rest time. This morning it dawned on me how powerful this cartoon was as I told him that if he napped today at school he could watch a Paw Patrol episode (a reward usually reserved for haircut time...which makes him ask for haircuts all the time now, by the way). He immediately was on board. He was even so confident that he said he wanted to take a video of him watching the episode and send it to his dad so he could see him.

The verdict? He slept! And boy was he proud of himself, not to mention a wee bit excited to watch his show when he returned home. Incentives do work wonders, don't they? Now I just need to figure out how to keep the momentum going. I can't bribe him with a show every day, after all. I'm just hopeful that now that he's done it once, he has a better understanding of how to calm himself down quickly and check out.

In conclusion, thanks, Paw Patrol. I'll never doubt your power again.