Day 497 | Double Decker Bus Day

That's right. After eight years of living in Washington, DC, we went on a double decker bus tour! The three year old in our group was beyond excited. A triathlon put a kink in our plans of seeing most of the monuments but we were really in it for the bus ride so we accepted a discounted ticket and hopped on to enjoy the wind in our hair.

Oh, and did I mention that it was glorious weather for the first time in a very long time? Yes, it was overcast. Yes, there were a few sprinkles. But 70 degrees after weeks of 90+? There will be no complaints from me. 

And the final verdict from the little man? He loved his first experience on the double deck but said, "it was kind of a long drive," at the end of our 1.5 hour tour. I guess we should have clarified what a bus tour really entails. Haha!