Day 504 | Fair-ly Amazing

I call this, "recovery from too much apple dumpling."
It was the perfect fair day today. Seriously...perfect.

The weather was lovely (even a little cool when we arrived!) and we got to see all the highlights in exactly the amount of time we had (animals galore, tractor-climbing, 4-H exhibits, kiddie rides, and food, of course, food, all in three hours).

There were a ton of adorable photos from the day: Chase on his favorite new pastime: carnival rides (I never really understood why parents paid money for them, until now), Robbe "driving" a tractor, Chris and the boys savoring the yummy fair food (corndogs and apple dumplings = amazing!), etc. I went with the image above, though, as it was just too perfect to pass over. This gem was snapped as the boys and I waited outside one of the bathrooms. The bench was quite a hit and was one of the day's best attractions (talk about a dark horse).