Day 574 | St Nick's + Family Christmas

It was quite a day. Quite a day.

We woke up to St. Nick filling our shoes with all kinds of goodies. Then we were off to our favorite breakfast spot for some delicious egg sammies. There was time for a quick haircut for Chris before I headed out for my own indulgent haircut (my second one this's a new record).

My mom and I did some holiday shopping and then got home just in time to get the family Christmas celebration under way (we decided to open presents early for several reasons). We all had a splendidly spirited evening. Gift highlights? Chris and I made an awesome (really awesome) fishing set for the boys (I'll do a separate blog post on this soon). I got the perfect customized bracelet set (I love it!). And after meeting with a very interesting (to say the least) traveling typewriter salesman, I tracked down a 1936 fully-functioning typewriter for Chris (for all his important, but not time-sensitive correspondence).

It couldn't have been better! The perfect start to the holiday season.