Day 579 | Fishing Craft

I've made it a tradition to make a homemade present for the boys the last couple of years. Two years ago, I made Chase this cowl and last year I made both boys favorite things tees.

This year, I recruited a little help from my loving husband (yay, Chris!) and we went all in for a homemade toy: a fishing set with fishing rods that actually reel and magnetic fish. Adorable, right? The boys are really loving it and I think it'll be a hit for a long, long time (they haven't been able to figure out the reel that's something to look forward to!).

In case you're interested in attempting the same project, here's the step-by-step tutorial we used. This website went above and beyond explaining how to create everything with almost too many photos (is that possible?).

The breakdown of the project at our house? Chris made the fishing rods (he's so handy!) and I sewed the fish and little worms to slip on the end of the string. I think I got away with the easier project this time around. No complaints here!

In case it's not obvious, we're both pretty proud of the finished product. And no one in the whole world has another fishing set just like it. That's just icing on the cake.