Day 617 | Independence

Here's the story:

Robbe and I were finishing up a pretty uneventful lunch this afternoon when all of a sudden he decided to spit out his last drink of water down the front of his shirt. Not cool. I let him know that was not an acceptable behavior and told him he needed to go upstairs to get a new shirt by himself. He was not a fan of this idea but after some gentle encouraging, he did it. He walked all the way upstairs to dig around in his drawer (not his brother's) for a replacement shirt then walked back downstairs and proceeded to try to put it on himself (without much luck, but still!).

They can impress you sometimes, can't they? It was a proud moment for this independent little guy.

p.s. Interested in a little audio to go along with my typical visual content? I was on my friend's podcast again. Click here to listen to our latest conversation. :)