Day 621 | The Great Blizzard of 2016

It's the only problem with my one-photo-a-day blogging strategy: too many interesting blizzard pics to post in one photo/small collage. Instead I'll post a bunch from the last 24 hours and continue updating here if there are any exciting changes throughout today (snow is supposed to continue but lighten now).

The before.

2pm: Snow begins.

8pm: Snow picks up.

7am: Good morning 15" of snow!

Mini is wishing we had a garage.

Anyone up for a picnic?

Or grilling?
11am: Second round of shoveling. This is a *bit* crazy.
12pm: Surveying the pile out the back door.
12pm: That yard stick is reading 19".
12:30pm: The master shoveler finishes the job. Whew.
4pm: Time to shovel again.
It is pretty, though.
Looking cold on the outside, but warm inside. Thank goodness!
I'm thinking it'll be a bit before we're driving again.
The wind has picked up this afternoon.
We can't figure out why Miga won't go out the back door.
4:30pm: 22" and counting.
A second floor window. Whoa.
7pm: Third round of shoveling: Check!
7pm: We're measuring 24" on our back porch.
Poor, poor Mini.