Day 644 | The Year of More

Something about another trip around the sun that makes you reevaluate your life, you know? I’ve committed to a “year of more” for my 32nd year. More what, you might ask? Read on.
  1. More appreciation: my goal is to be more appreciative of the little things in life that I take for granted: being healthy, baby giggles, warm hugs, etc.
  2. More mindful: this time with my boys is so fleeting and yet it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. I feel a tide shift this year: the boys are in a better place, I’m in a better place. I’m going to try to live in the moment more and be consciously present.
  3. More support: we haven’t made any decisions about a big move, yet, but the writing’s on the wall for there to be more help in my current situation in DC. Fingers crossed.
  4. More sleep: do moms ever sleep normal again? I can’t really even blame the kids anymore…it’s just always something. Some how I’m going to get back on the sleep bandwagon again. This year is my year.
  5. More flexible: I’ve been working on this one lately. And I’m making progress. No, seriously. We’ll see how much further I can go. 
  6. More decisive: you would not describe me as a decisive person. Something to strive for...
  7. More sympathetic: I didn’t really think my lack of sympathy was a terrible flaw, but now that I have two kiddos (who tend to get sick/hurt on a regular basis), I really need to up my game, here. Oh, and also for my poor husband’s sake.
  8. More patient: see above. Two kids + no patience = :( . Two kids + patience = :)
  9. More generous: I want to get better at helping people. Maybe that’s little things (helping watch a friend’s baby when they’re in a bind) or maybe it’s bigger (starting to volunteer), but either way, I need to start giving back more.
  10. More vegetables: we can all be a bit more healthy in what we eat, right?
  11. More me-time: this is probably the most elusive on the list. But it definitely needs to be here and needs to be addressed.