Day 647 | Sticker Addict

Another catch up post today. Hope you don't mind.

For the last week or so, Robbe has become obsessed with, um, more like addicted to, stickers. He's always expressed a certain level of enthusiasm surrounding stickers but it's really kicked up in the last week. I blame this sticker book from Aunt Kelli. It has 700+ stickers and sweet Robbe just can't get enough. It's the first thing he reaches for in the morning and the last thing we can put away at night. It's really helping him hone his fine motor skills as he peels and sticks all day long.

And, in case you're wondering, 700 is a lot of stickers. We're finding them everywhere. It's a good thing these stickers bring him so much joy. That makes cleaning up 100 stickers a day totally worth it.