Day 660 | And He Turns Two

In celebration of our baby's second birthday, a top ten list for your reading enjoyment.

Top Ten Best Things about 2-year-old Robbe
  1. His sense of humor: this guy is hysterical. And he doesn't even try.
  2. His musical side: he loves playing the guitar and singing songs (mostly the alphabet variety).
  3. His sweet snuggles: I've never seen a two year old that willingly offers up so much quality snuggletime.
  4. His love of trucks: seeing them, playing with them, wearing them on his clothing, talking about them, reading about them, really anything related.
  5. His smile: It's infectious and about the sweetest thing ever.
  6. His desire to be older: to occupy his brother's mealtime chair, to attend his brother's school, to sit forward facing in his brother's car seat, to read his brother's [lengthy] books. He's pretty advanced.
  7. His love of his mama: sometimes it drives Chris and me crazy (when it comes to diaper changes, for example), but his affinity towards me melts my heart. It's a special relationship, no doubt.
  8. His 16 words: Robbe remains the strong silent type, but has no problem communicating (just without words). An approximate list of all his recognizable words are as follows: mom, dad, brother, kitty, doggy, water, bubbles, deal, grandma, hi, bye bye, night, good, yes, tree, green. 
  9. His appetite for food: this kid loves to eat / is borderline addicted. He doesn't really turn his nose up at anything, but a list of some of his favorites includes: any fruit, any sweet, carrots, pizza, pancakes, oatmeal balls, yogurt, granola bars, and dried fruit.
  10. His appetite for life: he's about the most fun-loving, adventurous, creative, affectionate little dude you'll ever meet. 
These past two years have, at the same time, felt like the blink of an eye (our baby is two?!?) and an eternity (he's only been around two years?!?). Our little family and everyone Robbe surrounds himself with are happier because he's here. Happy birthday, my sweet little sparky.