Day 662 | My Back

Sorry for missing yesterday's post. It was a rough day around here. Remember when I had that pesky back problem a few months ago? Well here we go again.

Yesterday's fairly normal start to the day turned into a situation where I had to call Chris home from work because I couldn't stand or move without my back muscles spasming and sending debilitating shock waves thought my entire body. And there wasn't ever a specific moment where I moved funny or did something specific to cause this incredible pain.

I finally gave in and decided to head to urgent care mid-morning and I can officially say that was the worst car ride of my whole life. And that includes driving to the hospital in labor with both my babies. In fact, I will say that these muscle spasms were a TON more painful than my un-medicated baby deliveries. It was that bad.  

As you can tell, I had x-rays taken of my back (also not the most pain-free experience, as you might have guessed). Everything was normal in the x-rays so that was good news. The bad news? The super powerful injection of an anti-inflammatory drug did nothing to ease my pain for the drive home. This experience was the longest, most painful 3 hours of my life.

Thanks to additional steroid and muscle relaxing medications, I'm feeling a bit better today. No more crazy spasms, just a very sore back which is limiting my ability stand up and walk very easily. It seems like the medications should be working faster but I guess that's too much to ask.

Fingers crossed for continued improvement tomorrow!