Day 683 | Sugar Overload

Busy day around here. We met the Easter Bunny (for the first time) and found eggs during the egg hunt for a candy reward (first round of sugar).

Then my mom and I enjoyed some lovely pedicures and some kid-free time (thanks, Chris!). After a quick round of naps, it was family birthday party time (also for the first time, I think). We were celebrating Lane's 11th birthday and Chase's 4th. Yippee! There were m&m's (round two), jelly beans (round three), and scrumptious homemade cupcakes (the fourth and final round of sugar) to keep the boys soaring on their sugar high. 

As you might expect, they had the time of their lives. So many giggles and jubilant smiles to fill one day. It makes my heart happy.