Day 740 | Petey Update

If you look closely, you can see the little black escape route from Petey's cocoon.
Luckily, the Bulldogs are satisfied with this development with or without a moth in the cage.
Good news and bad news about our favorite little caterpillar: he emerged from his cocoon, but he didn't survive the weekend.

Remember, Petey started as a caterpillar. Then, the next day, we woke up to him in a cocoon. We brought the little guy into Chase's classroom so all the Bulldogs (his class mascot) could enjoy Petey, the Chrysalis. And they did. They really did. He was stared at, talked about, loved and shaken. A lot.

This type of caterpillar stays in their cocoon for about two weeks. After about three weeks, I had all but given up on seeing Petey as a moth. Then, last Friday, Chase's teacher emails to say that he emerged from his cocoon!! Unfortunately, the Bulldogs didn't have school on Friday so we all had to wait until Monday to meet him in his new form.

As if the roller coaster of emotions I had already been through wasn't enough, I then get an email from Ms. Liz yesterday saying Petey didn't make it through the weekend. Are you kidding me?!? After all that? Urgh.

Please note: if you talk to any of the Bulldogs, Petey escaped to be with his family. :)