Day 746 | Outdoor Time

Due to the *finally* beautiful weather, we busted out of the house today and ventured over to one of our favorite places: the Wheaton Regional Park. We played at the park. We rode the carousel (twice). We hung out with some friendly turtles, swans, and fish at the pond. We had a picnic in the shade. We even got to ride the miniature train (which was questionable due to an overnight rainstorm). Sounds pretty awesome, right? It was.

Side note (that is definitely worth documenting): Chris and I noticed some unwelcome garbage in our front yard the other day. Because our house is right off a busy road, it's not unusual for some stray candy bar wrappers or newspapers to get caught in our grass, but this discovery was particularly disturbing. It looked like chicken feet. Gross, bug-attracting chicken feet. I finally got the stomach to clean them up today and, it turns out, was in for a crazy surprise: they weren't chicken feet at all. They were these rotten-smelling, oozing mushrooms called stinkhorns. I know I should somehow feel comforted that we didn't, in fact, have discarded chicken feet in our yard, but if you had been the one to try to remove the stinkhorns, you would understand how terrifying it was (I didn't know they were mushrooms at that point, after all). To say they were foul-smelling with a terrifying consistency just doesn't cover it. I hope these new friends aren't here to stay.