Day 759 | Whatever It Takes

No luck with the whole "getting back to normal" around here. Robbe was still not acting like himself and we couldn't get him into the doctor early enough, so Chase stayed home from school (again) in case we're all contagious.

Turns out...we are. Both boys were diagnosed with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. You can google it. It's as terrible as it sounds. Luckily, Chase is past the contagious stage so he can go back tomorrow and I think Robbe is slowly making steps toward a recovery, too.

So what happens at our house on day four of sickness with a little guy who won't eat anything because his mouth hurts? You give the boy whatever it takes to get him eating again. Today's menu items included donuts (which he had no trouble with), ice cream (which helped him eat a better dinner, if you can believe it), and some very dignified tea drinking (that always helps my throat).

To top it off, now I'm not feeling great. After a long nap this afternoon for me (having two kids that both still nap is the BEST!), and an early bedtime (heading there now), I'm hopeful I'll be feeling better, too. We've got to rally for the big end to the week...the last day of school (Thursday), the first day of summer vacation (Friday), our 10 YEAR! wedding anniversary (also Friday), and Father's Day (Sunday). No time to waste in the recovery process.