Day 762 | Farewell, Bulldogs

It was a happy and sad day in our house. Happy because summer vacation has officially begun! My little guys, without even knowing what that means really, are super excited about it. I think it's because summer vacation means moving to Wisconsin to them. All the more reason to be pumped!

But it's a sad day, too. I'm sad Chase had to say goodbye to all the buddies he worked so hard to get close to this year. I'm sad because so many of his friends get another amazing year with their two incredible teachers and we don't (Bridges combines pre-k classes with three and four year olds so Chase would have been in the same classroom with the same 4 year olds next year). I'm sad that my quality solo time with Robbe has to come to an end. We're, like, pretty good buddies. I know that won't change with the big brother around, but it's definitely a different dynamic.

It's been a really good year for all of us. And it's a good feeling that it's a happy + sad day. I wouldn't want it any other way.