Day 772 | Berries Galore

It turns out that June 26 is our annual blueberry picking day. Amazing coincidence, right?

Two pounds of blueberries + two pounds of black raspberries + two small children with full bellies = a successful outing. We even had enough time to enjoy the play structures, mini tractors, and giant slides. Thank you, Butlers Orchard. We'll miss our frequent visits.

In case you're curious about what our visit from June 26, 2015 looked like, here you go. And here's the trip from 2014. So cute!

One more check off the list:

DC Bucket List, Deadline: July 13
  • A final stop at the American History Museum
  • Visit Turkey Thicket playground
  • Ride the Wheaton Miniature Train
  • Watch the ball drop at the Discovery Building
  • Eat at our sushi restaurant
  • Wade in Yards Park
  • Ride the Metro
  • Pick berries at Butler's Orchard
  • Fort Steven's Park 
  • Eat at H&Pizza
  • Visit the top of the Washington Monument
  • Watch the airplanes at Gravelly Point
  • Jump at trampoline park