Day 781 | Snack on the Track

It was a rough morning. Lots of factors collided to challenge my ability to keep it together. By around 10:30am (yep, this all happened before then), I had pulled myself together enough to take the boys on an outing across the street to have a snack and watch the trains. It was as enjoyable (if not more) than I remember it being. Are you getting tired of me mentioning how much I'm going to miss this place, yet?

For the sake of nostalgia:
Snack on the track: Spring 2015
Snack on the track: Fall 2014

And for those keeping track:

DC Bucket List, Deadline: July 13
  • A final stop at the American History Museum
  • Visit Turkey Thicket playground
  • Ride the Wheaton Miniature Train
  • Watch the ball drop at the Discovery Building
  • Eat at our sushi restaurant
  • Wade in Yards Park
  • Ride the Metro
  • Pick berries at Butler's Orchard
  • Fort Steven's Park 
  • Eat at H&Pizza
  • Visit the top of the Washington Monument
  • Watch the airplanes at Gravelly Point
  • Jump at trampoline park
  • Play at the National Building Museum
  • Have a snack by the train tracks