Day 784 | Powering Through


If you haven't been able to tell through all the super fun and positive "bucket list" blog posts, things have actually been a bit rough around here. After our bout with hand, food, and mouth disease, I've been struggling with my back pain creeping in and some crazy wrist pain (to the point I couldn't pick anything up). On top of that, fireworks hit our house on the 4th of July (how does that happen?!?) and we woke up to $600 worth of damage to our siding (one week before we close on the house). Sheesh.

Instead of spending the rest of this post ranting about everything else that could be bumming me out these days (did I mention I lost my keys for 1.5 hours on Tuesday and was totally housebound because of this...not cool with only eight days left here!), I'm going to focus it on what helped me shift my mood: this little weed in our back alley.

Is that the most impressive thing ever? I don't know why but every time I look at it, it's a reminder that if you stay focused, keep trying, and power through the hard stuff, you can do it. Seem a little deep? Probably, it is only a little weed after all, but I appreciate the reminder and thought you might, too.

The last few weeks have been my concrete layer. I just need to keep pushing forward and someday, some day, there will be reward + relief.