Day 786 | Final Farewells

Well, we didn't make it to the top of the Washington Monument, sorry Chase, but we did make it down to the Mall for one final stop to take in the beauty of the District. And man, was it the perfect outing. The weather couldn't have been better, we found a parking spot (always a challenge), the crowds were manageable, and the monuments were awe-inspiring, as usual. It's like DC was trying one last time to lure us into staying. Unfortunately, we have too many boxes packed to let it convince otherwise.

As if the goodbye to the monuments wasn't enough for one day, we hosted a park party to say goodbye to all our friends this afternoon. We had a bunch of amazing people show up to play one last time at the park that sold us on this neighborhood originally (here's one of the original Tree Park posts). I held it together shockingly well...until the last two goodbyes. Then I lost it. Saying goodbye stinks. Saying goodbye to the best friends a girl could ask for really stinks.

I'm going to miss this city. I'm going to miss this neighborhood. I'm going to miss this house. I'm going to miss Chase's school. I'm going to miss the monuments and museums. I'm going to miss the playgrounds. I'm going to miss the walk-ability. I'm going to miss the Metro (even if it is a mess a lot of the time). I'm going to miss our favorite restaurants. I'm going to miss the energy. I'm going to miss the tourists (no, really!).

But, at the end of the day, I'm really really going to miss the people. It's always the people that make anything memorable, isn't it. I keep telling myself that my three best friends (Chris, Chase, and Robbe) are all coming with me, but I'm beyond sad to be saying goodbye to all my non-family friends. I've worked really hard to make these friends and it seems too early to be saying farewell.

We'll call it "see you later" instead. That sounds better.